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Videos used on this website are the property of (Willamette Media Services) unless otherwise specified. Videos can be streamed and downloaed on the website for personal use. Videos presented on this website are not allowed to be uploaded, streamed, or shared on any website, server, portal, and/or file sharing service with permission from the webmaster.

Some video content is available for streaming on You Tube and Facebook that has been approved for that purpose.


Logos used on this website are the property of (Willamette Media Services) and are used for website and sofware application branding purposes.

Software Applications

Wil File software applications are self-contained that stores all data using database services provided through SQ Lite (stored in the internal memory or external memory of your device) that are built into Android devices. Windows 10 versions contain the necessary applications to provide SQ Lite services for this particular application to your device.

This application doesn't not share any information through any internet portals or services.  As a self contained application, all database files used for Wil File  applications require that the database is stored locally on the device it is installed into.

It is recommended to backup all the data, used in the applcations, to another device or service separate from the device used by the app using a cloud based service, external memory source, or another computer. Wil File applications are not responsible for backing up this information in any way.

It is recommended that the user protect this personal information by using erasing and wiping procedures provided by the respected company that supports the built in operating system or use other third party software options that can be purchased the customer or end user as a subscription service.

Software installation

Sales and installation of this software is sold on an as-is basis.  While testing is always being conducted on all software applications created by the company, there can be times when something unforeseen may happen as the result of of new device on the market, a change in the operating system, or a change in the development software as well as any additional required assemblies in it's creation.

If you find any problems with the execution of the application on your device, please contact us by email (using the technical support link) so that they can be investigated.

Email Collection

Email collected on this website isn't stored in a database, but is immediately processed through Comcast email services. Email information submitted is used only for internal purposes and is never sold to any party.

ReCaptcha Codes

ReCaptchas Codes are used to prevent automation processes (known as bots) from generating unnecessary emails through the website.

Since ReCaptcha processes (managed by Google) and it's servers, are located in the United States and used by government agencies, ReCaptcha is only authorized to work within The United States. If you are attempting to contact the website, via email, outside The United States, it may not allow you do so for this reason.

Collection of information from support portal

Information collected from the support portal are not shared or sold to anyone. This information is used only for internal purposes as a requirement for software distribution channels.

Technical support information is stored in internal database servers that are in no way associated with commercial based cloud services and is provided by MySQL and Oracle for internal use only.

Website Security

This website is secured using commercial secured site certificates through Sectigo and is monitored on a daily basis.

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This website uses cookies for monitoring website traffic and are used for internal purposes only.

Cookies for this web server are monitored using Cookiebot ( The results are reported on this page.

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